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What to Expect When You Work with a Design-Build Remodeler in New Jersey

Posted by Sanjay Kumar on Oct 08, 2018 4:23 AM

Casting the Vision Right Away

One of the wonderful things about working with a design-build remodeler is that you and your designer will determine what you want for your home very early on in the process. After an initial meeting, you’ll receive a design agreement from us so that we can begin collaboration right away.

Our lead carpenter, designer, electrician, and plumber will all visit your home so that everyone’s on the same page in knowing what to expect when they begin construction; this in turn reduces unexpected costs later in the process if anything needs to be repaired during your home’s remodel.

Next, our design and construction crew will meet with you as a team to make sure they’ve gathered all the pertinent information to create a plan for your remodel. Again, the great benefit to this team meeting with your design-build company is that all parties are able to communicate quickly, accurately, and collaboratively.

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Making Material Selections Early

During these initial meetings, our designer will of course be working with you individually to ensure we understand your goals, to help you define and refine your ideas, and to propose solutions tailored to your lifestyle. Casting your project vision early helps eliminate unexpected costs, confusion, and stress later.

While solidifying your vision, you and your designer will make material selections for each part of your home affected by the remodel. For instance, if we’re working on a bathroom remodel, you’ll work together to select flooring, fixtures, lights, sinks, cabinetry, etc. up front.

Accurate Pricing Estimates Up Front

Not only does early material selection give you the confidence that all components of your design work well together, but it also enables us to give you an accurate bid with line item estimates at the outset. We believe in transparency, which means our bid is designed to help you understand exactly where your money is going and to rest assured that there won’t be unexpected price increases unless you change your mind on a material selection or an unforeseen issue arises.

Enjoying the Process and the Results

Every stage of our design-build process is carefully and consciously crafted to foster transparency and trust, to make sure all involved parties are on the same page from the very start, and to assure you, our client, that your home is in good hands. At Sand County Contracting, our goal is to alleviate stress during the process and deliver satisfaction upon your project’s completion.


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