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Steam Showers: Are They Right for You?

Posted by Sanjay Kumar on Jan 17, 2019 11:11 AM

With the winter chill still filling the air, the thought of having an in-home steam shower sounds heavenly. But can you be sure your installation will outlast the passing season? Today, we weigh the pros and cons of installing a steam shower in your New Jersey bathroom.


Reduce Your Stress: The number one reason to install a steam shower is to create a place where you can relax and recharge to start or finish your day well. In a way, steam showers are a type of lifestyle therapy, which is all the more true if you pair the experience with aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and music therapy.

Heal Your Body: But steam showers dispel more than just emotional stress—they can also help heal your body. They’re known for relaxing your muscles, easing joint pain, increasing blood circulation, cleansing pores in your skin, and clearing sinuses for those who struggle with respiratory ailments, allergies, or the common cold.

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Save Money and Time: If you already find yourself visiting spas or local health clubs to relax in a steam room, create your personal space to luxuriate at home and save yourself time and money. By pressing one button, you can easily create your own, in- home spa.

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Conserve Water: According to This Old Housesteam showers also conserve water. Whereas 20 minutes under even a water-saving showerhead will use about 50 gallons of water, 20 minutes in a steam shower only uses about 2 gallons of water. Changing your bathing routine with a steam shower followed by a quick rinse will reduce water-usage costs as well as negative environmental impact.

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Conserve Space: Finally, steam showers don’t typically consume as much space as a standard soaker tub, which is also a common luxury-bathing-go-to.


Evaluating Use: The pros listed above may make you want to go out and buy your favorite type of steam shower for your bathroom remodel immediately. Before you do so, however, it’s important to realistically consider your use. If you’re unsure how much you’ll utilize your steam shower on a day-to-day basis, try it out first at your local health club or spa.

Upping Electric Bills: While steam showers certainly conserve water, they will increase your electricity usage since the minimal water used does have to be heated (and temperature controlled) to produce steam for your shower.

Hard Water: Many New Jersey towns have ‘hard water.’ Hard water includes minerals that can easily build on the heating elements and cause failures in steam showers. We strongly recommend that a water conditioner/softener is installed with a steam shower to mitigate the minerals often found in the New Jersey water supply.

Finding Experts: Finally, steam showers do produce a large amount of moisture and can cause all kinds of water-damage-related maintenance issues if you aren’t working with an experienced contractor who has experience installing steam showers with proper precautions. Steam showers require different kinds of grouting, caulking, heat lamps, ceiling fans, ceiling sloping, sealing around fixtures, etc. Don’t take installation on without consulting experts.



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