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5 Bathroom Features for Aging in Place

Posted by Sanjay Kumar on Dec 12, 2018 1:08 AM

As the US population continues to age, more and more homeowners are making plans to ‘age in place’. We’ve compiled five accessible design features that will allow you to stay safe and stylish in your home for years and years to come.

Curbless Showers

Curbless showers, also known as a flat shower entry- minimizes your risk of tripping or losing your balance as you enter your shower. Providing universal access, a curbless shower not only prevents you from stepping over a barrier but is also wheelchair accessible.

Photo by Sisters in Sync Design

Tub Removal

According to this 2018 report, many baby boomers are choosing to completely forgo having a tub in their bathroom. Removing the bathtub not only creates more space, but it eliminates the risk of slipping and falling while getting in or out of the tub.

Photo by Devlin McNally Construction

Shower Bench

A shower bench is one of the best features to have for aging in place. If you find the need to sit down during a shower, a shower bench if a safe way to do so without the risk of slipping and falling. A shower bench can be tailored to your specific needs and can be installed using a variety of materials.

Photo by Barbara Grushow Designs INC

Textured Flooring

Textured flooring can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Choosing a material with a high-slip resistance will go a long way as you continue to age in your home.

Photo by Fowlkes Studio

Look for material with groves, or high-friction. For more information on the best (and worst) bathroom floors for seniors, click here.

Grab Bars

Photo by Bestbath

Grab bars provide something for you to grab while you are entering and exiting your shower. Helping to prevent slips and falls, grab bars can also double as a towel rack or a place to hang your robe. Experts recommend hanging a grab bar on the exterior of your shower, as well as on each interior shower walls.

One Week Bathroom can help you design a bathroom that is not only accessible but stylish. For more information on aging in place, we invite you to contact us.



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