Bathroom Remodeling in New Jersey

Your Guide to Design-Build Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom has many benefits. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. Whether you are looking to renovate your powder room or embarking on a full-scale master bathroom renovation, One Week Bathroom has the experience and expertise in design-build remodeling to turn your vision into a reality. A bathroom renovation can lead to:

Increased Home Value

Renovating an outdated bathroom is a surefire way to increase your return on investment, and help your home sell quicker should you decide to put it on the market. Homes with modern features and updated spaces tend to sell faster, and at a higher price point.

Better Functionality

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used spaces in a home, and often the smallest. A bathroom renovation allows you to plan for extra storage, and create a layout that works for your needs, not the other way around.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Almost half of the water consumed in the home is in the bathroom. By adding energy efficient features to your bathroom (or by renovating old ones) not only are you saving money on your electricity bill, but you’re also helping the environment. Features like a low-water toilet or a water-saving shower are just as convenient as their non-energy efficient counterparts.

What is Design Build Remodeling?

Working with a design-build firm eliminates the hassle of managing various companies and contractors during your renovation. Design-build remodeling means that the entire project is overseen by one team. By combining project design, product selection, and construction into one seamless process, the homeowner has one point of contact, allowing for open and transparent communication and often a quicker production schedule.



Choosing Your Materials

When choosing your materials for your bathroom remodel, there are a few things you’ll want to consider including cost, durability, style, and the layout of your new space. If you’re planning on keeping any existing elements in your bathroom like flooring or shower tile, you’ll also want to consider how your new materials will work in the space.



From beautiful ceramic wood tiles to polished porcelain tiles, there is a wide variety of flooring options available. So how do you choose the perfect flooring for your remodel? You need to look at the traffic flow in the space, the durability of the material, and how much maintenance will be required. The last thing you want to do is select an option like pre-finished hardwood that is not only hard to maintain, but will eventually become water logged. Flooring options like porcelain, ceramic, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl flooring planks (LVF), vinyl tile, and concrete are some of the best in regards to durability and maintenance. Avoid using solid hardwoods (both site-finished and pre-finished) or any kind of carpeting as they can encourage the growth of mold and mildew in your new bathroom.
Photo by AG&M Austin (Architectural Granite & Marble)


The countertops that you select for your remodel must not only be durable, but also be able to stand up to exposure from water, soap, and cleaning products. Plastic laminate, travertine, and limestone are among some of the worst choices for your countertops as they allow water to seep right in! Instead, take a look at long-lasting, stylish countertops made from Quartz, Corian, or another engineered stone. Although Marble, Concrete, and Granite are among some of the most popular choices, they do require annual maintenance and are more prone to stains and scratches.


When selecting a vanity, you need to first consider your needs. Do you need a dual vanity with his and hers sinks to make getting ready everyday a little easier? Do you need additional storage for your bath and beauty products? After deciding on the size of vanity you want, you’ll also want to consider the style, color, and material that will work best in the space. Options like maple, oak, birch, and pine are among some of the most requested options for bathroom remodels. You’ll want to avoid vanities made from cheap materials like particleboard as they are guaranteed to warp as soon as they’re exposed to water. You can’t go wrong with a sleek, floating maple wood vanity or a detailed, furniture-like vanity made from pine.

Plumbing Fixtures and Cabinet Hardware

You’ll want to consider the style of your remodel before choosing your plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware. Modern stainless steel hardware and plumbing fixtures are probably not the best option for a farmhouse-inspired master bath! Some popular options for plumbing fixtures and hardware include gold, brushed nickel, matte black, stainless steel, bronze, and copper. Aside from the finish, you’ll also want to consider the functionality. For shower heads, there are many great options to choose from including a basic wall-mount unit, a helpful hand-held unit, a luxury rain shower head, or a flush-mount body sprayer.

Backsplashes / Shower Tile

Choosing a backsplash or shower tile for your bathroom remodel can be a daunting task. With so many designs, colors, and materials to choose from, how do you choose one? You can start by knowing your options! Tiles made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone are among some of the most popular choices available. Although, each have their pros and cons, if you’re looking for the most durable, maintenance-free option, you may want to go with porcelain. Next, you’ll consider your color scheme. You’ll want to look for tile that will fit in with your wall color, vanity, and plumbing fixtures. After that, you’ll want to decide the size of tiles that you’d like to use. Do you want large, modern 12 X 24′ tiles or small, square 2 X 2′ tiles? This is important as it can completely change the style and feel of your bathroom. Last, you’ll want to decide what direction or pattern you’d like to see in your new bathroom. Many homeowners choose to go with a classic, horizontal pattern, however, selecting a diagonal pattern can actually make your existing bathroom feel larger without adding any space.

Aging in Place

If you or your loved ones want to stay in your current home as you get older, it’s important to consider remodeling your bathroom so that you can age in place. Unfortunately, the bathroom can easily become a dangerous area for you or aging loved ones due to slippery surfaces and tight spaces. To ensure safety in your bathroom as you age, there are a few things that you can do!

Re-Locate to the Main Level

By relocating the bathroom to the main level, you won’t have to worry about the danger of climbing stairs. You’ll have quick, easy access at all times no matter if you’re using a wheelchair, walker, or cane to get around. If you’re unable to re-locate your bathroom to the main level, you may want to think about having a chairlift or elevator installed to make it more accessible.

Expand Your Space

Even if you or your aging loved ones are not currently using a wheelchair, walker, or other device to get around, you need to consider the additional space that will be needed in the future. You should make sure that when you remodel your bathroom that you have plenty of space to comfortably enter and exit the room, move around the toilet, get into the shower, and easily access the sink.
Photo by CARNEMARK design

Adjust the Height of Your Toilet

You can adjust the height of your toilet with the help of a toilet riser which fits onto the existing seat and will give an extra 3.5″ inches. If you don’t want to add a toilet riser, you could also replace your existing toilet with a new 16″ to 18″ inch comfort height commode. This will make it easier to get on and off of the toilet without having to worry stress about falling.

Add a Curbless Shower

A curbless shower is simply the best way to go when it comes to providing universal access. It not only minimizes your risk of tripping or losing your balance as you enter, but also prevents you from having to step over a barrier.

Install a Shower Bench

A shower bench is one of the best features to have for aging in place. If you find the need to sit down during a shower, a shower bench is a safe way to do so without the risk of slipping and falling. It can be tailored to your specific needs and can be installed using a variety of materials.

Adjustable / Hand-Held Showerheads

By adding an adjustable or hand-held shower head, you’ll be able to comfortably bath without having to worry about you or your loved one’s safety. You can easily move the shower head around and change the spray type if needed. If a hand-held shower head is just not what you’re looking for, you could also consider installing a rain shower head instead. A rain shower head is perfect for anyone that needs to sit down while they shower.

Lower the Height of the Vanity and Sink

By lowering the height of the vanity, you can make it easy to accommodate wheelchairs. You’ll want to make sure to provide clearance space under your vanity so that you or your loved one is able to easily pull up their wheelchair and use the sink.
Photo by Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Stay Safe with the Use of Grab Bars

Grab bars provide something for you to grab while you’re entering and exiting your shower or getting up and down from the toilet. Helping to prevent slips and falls, grab bars can also double as a towel rack or a place to hang your robe. Experts recommend hanging a grab bar on the exterior of your shower, on each of your interior shower walls, and around the toilet. Each grab bar should be able to support 250-300 pounds.

Choose a Textured Floor

Textured flooring can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Choosing a material with a high-slip resistance like rubber, cork, or bamboo will go a long way as you continue to age in your home.


The lighting in your bathroom is extremely important in keeping you or your aging loved ones safe. Instead of traditional overhead lights, you need to make sure that your vanity lights are installed at eye level to avoid any glare. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a bright light installed in the shower to avoid any potential falls.